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One of the Answers Lists from 1 WEEK has been posted on the Foolscap Journal blog, you can read it here, here, here or here:

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‘1 WEEK’ goes to Sweden.

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A couple of the Phonecall films from ‘1 WEEK’ have been selected by Linda Persson to be part of the next XRAY at the Perseverance event.

As some of you know, XRAY goes to other venues to show artists previously participated in XRAY.

Now XRAY is travelling to Sweden and Gothenburg with a show reel to be screened 1-2 October at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg (48 hours non stop) as a ‘peep show’ with a screen in the window of gallery. Speakers are installed so there are sound all the times at street level.

The list of artists participating are as follows:
Camilla Bergqvist (SWE)
Lee Cavaliere (UK)
Hanna Clarke & Kit Merritt (UK)
James Alec Hardy (UK)
Helena Öhman-McCArdle (UK)
ilka Leukefeld (UK)
Shelly Nadashi (UK)
Jihoi Lee (UK/Korea)
Ole HAgen (UK)
Natasha Rees (UK)

‘1 WEEK’ wins the Deptford X Fringe Award!

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Thank you for all your support, contributions, time and equipment – its really paid off!

Just to let you know ‘1 WEEK’ will be open again for the final weekend of Deptford X this coming weekend Friday 1st October – Sunday 3rd October.  Our doors will be open from 10am til 6pm and there will also be rickshaw tours of the Festival running from outside UNIT 17, if you want to get the full Deptford x experience.


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1 WEEK/DAY 7 at Hackney WickED Festival

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Hanna Clarke and Kit Merritt
Friday 30th July – Sunday 1st August 2010
At Floor 3, Building 2, 92 Whitepost Lane, Hackney Wick, London E9 5EN

1 WEEK  is the product of seven 24-hour installments exploring the notions of the heterogenous archival practice of Hanna Clarke and Kit Merritt. Within each 24-hour episode, both artists, confined to a make-shift office environment, submit to rigorously recorded performance using traditional communication systems to interview non-mutual acquaintances. Each contact is cold-called with journalistic impartiality to yield confession-like responses.      In DAY 1 – DAY 7, using film, recorded audio, photographs, diagrams and text,  a wealth of data  has been collected and archived to produce an ongoing idiosyncratic portrait of its participants so far.

On DAY 7, the final performance of the ongoing collaboration, the artists continued collating more data, conducting live interviews with visitors, which were then  added to the final exhibited archive.  DAY 7 will commenced 8pm on Friday 30th July, for 24 hours, when the doors were opened to the public, to come and watch the process and partake in being interviewed if they wished.
The DAY 7 performance ended 8pm on Saturday 31st July and the archive was re-opened to visitors for the final day of Hackney WickED Festival, August 1st.

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