Waking Up

12/03/2013 § Leave a comment

Waking Up (one hundred and five times) from Kit Merritt on Vimeo.

Another ongoing project. This one is 35mm slides. A reference to the lost art of the holiday slideshow.

Started in 2011, I’ve documented mornings woken alone, triggered by a career move which meant travelling away from home a lot.  I’ve recently stopped the travel, so future shots will inevitably be of more familiar surroundings and less frequently taken. The work is intended as a repetitive act. The monotony of travelling for business; the blandness of international hotels versus the richness of time spent alone.

This of course doesn’t account for every slide though. Each carousel is interspersed with familiar ceilings; home and the homes of others and the occasional strangeness of not knowing where you are.

The film above documents 1 to 105 mornings, dating from 9th September 2011 to the 28th January 2013 (my last trip) The list has since reached 108.


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