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This Saturday…

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Friday – Playing games

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Today we played games, making the rules up for each other.

T: You’re not allowed to stop once you start..
K: You can’t look down.

T: You can only work in text.
K: You can’t move your left side.

T: You have to erase whatever you’ve just made, before you can make something else.
K: You have to narrate your every move in the third person.

T: You go first.
K: Mock me.

T: You can’t look at me and you have to stay in the middle of the room.
K: You have to be either standing and 5cm away from me or laying down and 5m away.


Thursday – Finding New Lists and Diane Arbus

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After an amazing afternoon’s score on Wednesday, Thursday proved to be much more taxing, boxed in the studio, trying to undo what had previously been explored.

Excitement and inspiration came later on, with a trip to the Diane Arbus Exhibition and finding an old copy of Where The Wild Things Are at the Oxfam bookstore.

Wednesday – ‘Everyone’s 35’

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Below are some of the remnants of a 2 hour score with Tom Pritchard, which began ‘Everyone’s 35’…..

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A Week In Aberdeen

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So, here I am, on the bus, after the flight, after the 5am coach, after the night on a sofa at a friends.

I am almost in Aberdeen, I almost need a wee, I definitely need coffee #2 and have been awake for 5 hours already.

I’m here to join Tom Pritchard on a week’s residency with CityMoves at Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts. We have a big white and mirrored studio for the next few days and time to play and make and devise and think and then, hopefully present/perform/progress!

I will try to stick regular updates on here over the next week and may be looking for contributors and participants. Will keep you posted.

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