‘1 WEEK’ goes to Sweden.

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A couple of the Phonecall films from ‘1 WEEK’ have been selected by Linda Persson to be part of the next XRAY at the Perseverance event.

As some of you know, XRAY goes to other venues to show artists previously participated in XRAY.

Now XRAY is travelling to Sweden and Gothenburg with a show reel to be screened 1-2 October at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg (48 hours non stop) as a ‘peep show’ with a screen in the window of gallery. Speakers are installed so there are sound all the times at street level.

The list of artists participating are as follows:
Camilla Bergqvist (SWE)
Lee Cavaliere (UK)
Hanna Clarke & Kit Merritt (UK)
James Alec Hardy (UK)
Helena Öhman-McCArdle (UK)
ilka Leukefeld (UK)
Shelly Nadashi (UK)
Jihoi Lee (UK/Korea)
Ole HAgen (UK)
Natasha Rees (UK)


To Do List, the start of Book 3.

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Ok, so this is the beginnings of the online To Do List, page for page.

Hopefully, this will be added to as soon as another page is full… As long as I can remember to plug the scanner in….

I can see the phrase ‘scan list’ is going to be frequently reoccurring, much like ‘do legs’.

‘1 WEEK’ wins the Deptford X Fringe Award!

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Thank you for all your support, contributions, time and equipment – its really paid off!

Just to let you know ‘1 WEEK’ will be open again for the final weekend of Deptford X this coming weekend Friday 1st October – Sunday 3rd October.  Our doors will be open from 10am til 6pm and there will also be rickshaw tours of the Festival running from outside UNIT 17, if you want to get the full Deptford x experience.

To Do: Start blog.

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I began a To Do list at the start of 2008. I single list of things to do which gradually spread through an entire A6 Moleskine squared note book.  When I reached the end of the book, I started a second.  This to do list has become part of my day to day life, both as a means of keeping track of what I need to do and also as documentation of what I’ve done. Everything goes on the list, but not everything gets crossed off.

I am starting this blog at the beginning of my third note book.  So far the list has comprised of 109 pages and an estimated 2862 entries, in 2 years, 9 months and 28 days.

For every new double page spread, I will post up the list as it grows.

I will probably post up other things I am also doing.


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